May 27, 2019

UP9902 (Kastas reference) is a new generation ultra high molecular weight polyethylene.

It has been developed to endure challenging working conditions in heavy duty fluid power applications.


  • – 200°C low temperature resistance
  • High extrusion resistance
  • Superior abrasion resistance
  • Chemical compatibility
  • Hydrolysis resistance


UP9902 is an ideal solution in many hydraulic applications with its wide temperature range, superior abrasion and extrusion resistance and chemical compatibility.


UP9902 is an ultimate solution for high pressure Water-jet applications due to its mechanical properties.


UP9902 is safe for food contact and due to its chemical compatibility, its resistant to a wide range of cleaning agents, atmosphere and UV radiation.


UP9902 is a hydrolysis resistant material and highly preferred in water and water- emulsion. Moreover UP9902 ensures better abrasion resistance compared to PA, POM and PTFE materials.


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