December 6, 2021

Hydraulic Presses are demanding applications that require high performance and precision in a wide range of applications, from metal forming and machining to metal recycling, from the construction industry to the paper industry.

Kastaş Sealing Technologies is the approved supplier of global manufacturers in hydraulic presses with its worldwide experience, products and materials specially designed for the different applications.

It offers the best sealing solutions at the most affordable cost for sealing solutions special for hydraulic presses and product series of piston seals, rod seals, wipers and guiding elements produced for all hydraulic and pneumatic applications.

Types of presses :

  • Cold forming            : Bending and extrusion presses
  • Hot forming              : Forging presses and hammering machines
  • Scrap presses            : Scrap shears and presses
  • Construction field   : Tile and brick presses
  • Paper industry         : Baling presses

For each application sector, specific seals have been developed. For example, in scrap presses we can supply packing set seals for rod K01 and piston K03.

For molding and deep drawing presses , PTFE seals and NBR profiled energizing element are used, for rod K704, for piston K755 and double-acting scrapers  K705 and K716 series.

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