November 16, 2021

Construction machinery require high-performance sealing products in demanding work environments, especially on construction and excavation sites.

Kastaş Sealing Technologies offers specially developed sealing solutions for all company machinery and equipment, from excavators to loaders, concrete pumps, hydraulic breakers and dumpers.

  • Earth-moving machinery
  • Concrete pumps
  • Hydraulic breakers
  • Telescopic tippers

For each application sector, specific solutions have been developed. For example, in earthmoving machines we can supply the XT200 rod seal with high extrusion resistance and, for piston seals, the K19 (in different versions) and the K518X.

In the demolition sector, due to  high hammer rod speeds, PU9404RF polyurethane with a low coefficient of friction is successfully used.

As for telescopic cylinders, reduced radial section stem seals and special profile guide rings for locking in the seat are used.

In general, for special application needs, the new X-TONE materials (Thermoplastic Polyketone PK) with high resistance to wear and extrusion and the premium polyurethane PU9411 for high temperature can be used.

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