SBR-NBR-EPDM-FKM-CR Rubber Gaskets

Gaskets obtained from black rubber-based sheet in different materials. suitable for general purposes.

  • SBR

    Economic material not recommended for use with mineral and vegetable oils.

  • NBR

    This material is particularly suitable for the sealing of oils, greases, solvents and petrolchemical products with the exception of aromatic solvents (benzol, toluol, xylol, etc. ..), carbon disulphide and their derivates.

  • EPDM

    This material combines good mechanical characteristics with high resistance to weather condition, ozone, oxygen, steam and water.Not resistant to aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons.

  • FKM
    The excellent fire retardant and chemical resistance combined with good mechanical properties makes this type of material suitable for use with high temperature oil, fuels and ozone.Is not recommended with steam and aromatic hydrocarbons.
  • CR

    It has good mechanical and physical characteristics.It has excellent resistance to aging and to atmospheric agents. Suitable to sealing acids, alkali, mineral and vegetables oils.