October 21, 2019

Kastas Sealing Technologies aims continuous innovation and improvements in design, production and materials.

K518 double acting piston seals design, cover all the design advantages of K18 such as low leakage and friction values and also bring advantages in Guide Ring installation and Radial Load capacity.

In addition to standard materials, K518 can be produced for High temperature and Low temperature conditions.

Kastas formulates the filling rate of the seal in the groove as main factor for design concept in lowest leakage and friction, as well as long service-life.

In addition, Kastas K518 provides the best guide ring formulation to ensure both stability and oil film thickness.

The guide ring must be designed and produced with the optimum tolerances, that ensures:

  • The optimum oil film thickness, for stability and friction
  • The best contact to the surface for required radial bearing.

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